Um, hello? Apparently, I am a slacker.

I am so sorry. I completely forgot that I had not yet announced the final prize-winners for Fall Into Reading 2010. Please forgive me. I’m blaming it on the stomach bug. Yes, the one from last week.

Here are the winners:

$20 Gift Certificate to — Elsie @ Little Sprout Growing

$10 Gift Certificate to — Jennifer @ Blogfulofbooks

Moleskine Book Journal — Liz @ Discovering Liz

Congratulations, all!

A Few Words

Just a few words to describe the last five or six days around here.

1. Books. The Spring Reading Thing is up to 171 participants, as I write this. And I don’t know how you people do it, but there are already 34 book reviews up. I’ve been enjoying reading all the participants’ lists, discovering new bloggers who love to read, finding books that look too intriguing to pass up (and subsequently adding them to my Amazon wish list). You may have noticed that I’ve also been posting a number of book reviews / giveaways / blog tours. Clearly I said “yes” several times in a row to blog tour announcements and found myself doing a whole bunch at once. Yes, “books” accurately describes a good chunk of my mindset lately.

2. Waiting. We have been waiting (and waiting and waiting…) for a window to be cut into our cement block basement as part of our remodel / finishing down there. The masonry guy has scheduled a “digging and cutting day” three or four times… and has canceled each one. He told us he was coming this morning. But it’s 9:36 and we’re still waiting. No sign of the backhoe. I need to go to the grocery store. I need to go buy paint. Yet we wait. I really want this little part of the project over with.

3. Snot. I’m sorry if the use of that word offends you, but believe me, it’s accurate. Several times yesterday, L. came over to me and handed me a booger. The glamour of being a mother is sometimes overwhelming. But I suppose it’s better that he brings them to me, rather than hiding them somewhere where I’ll come across them later. I try to keep up with the nose-wiping, it’s obvious that I’m falling behind. He’s been sniffly and coughing since last Tuesday; I’ve been sniffly and coughing since last Friday. We’re both quite ready for this illness to leave us.

4. Cold. Actually, today could almost be classified as “warm,” but it was rather chilly over the weekend. Despite the sub-freezing temperatures, we arranged for a (very brief) egg hunt for the kids last Saturday. C. was in charge of finding the eggs we had painted; L. was given the task of collecting plastic eggs. They were both wildly successful and we quickly ran inside before our fingers fell off from the frostbite.


Well, one thing’s for sure: there are a lot of readers in the blogosphere! We’re up to 197 participants in Fall into Reading 2007… and counting. People continue to sign up and it’s been wonderful to see so many enthusiastic about their fall reading.

I’ve visited the first 135 links and will continue to make my way (slowly but surely) through the rest of them. I’ll have to slow down a bit, though, or else I’ll never get to my own Fall into Reading books! :)

Amazingly, I’ve received a couple comments and emails telling me that some of you have already finished one (or more) of your Fall into Reading books. I’m impressed and amazed! And I’ve had other comments/emails asking me if there is a way to spread the word about the reviews that they’ve done.

And so, just like I did for the Spring Reading Thing, I’ll put up a post with a Mr. Linky that is strictly for your Fall Into Reading book reviews. In fact, I’ll go make that post right now, so those over-achievers out there can link up their reviews. :)

If you haven’t visited any lists yet, take a couple minutes to explore the Mr. Linky list below. There’s such a wide variety of books, interesting bloggers to “meet,” and fellow readers to encourage. And then — get back to your reading!