Today, C., my oldest son, turns 14.


I know that 13 is supposed to be a “milestone year” — officially becoming a teenager, etc. But for some reason, as I write this post, 14 feels very meaningful. After all, it’s not as if I’m just becoming the mom of a teen. We are firmly entrenched in the teen years. Time is flying — more quickly each year. C. is growing into a young man right in front of me.

He asked me yesterday if the first year of his “teenager-hood” had been so bad. He’d heard horror stories about teens for years and when he was younger, he assured Chad and me that he wasn’t going to be “that kind of teen.” Though we never got that promise in writing, I have to admit, this first year wasn’t bad. Not bad at all.

We talk about big things, important things, heavy things. And though we — like all parents and kids — sometimes struggle to communicate well, we work at it. The other night, he told me that he felt we’d really had a good talk. And I agreed.

He’s becoming more and more responsible. He was in charge of mowing the lawn this past summer. He handles all the usual chores without complaint — taking out the garbage, helping with dishes, even babysitting his little brother on occasion.

He puts up with me and my silliness…with a minimum of eye-rolling. Even when I blast Toby Mac in the car and do disco moves while stopped at a stop sign. (And yes, I did just that recently. He just smiled and said he wondered what the passers-by were thinking.)

He loves to read, he’s a compiler of lists and data, he’s fascinated by old pictures and family history. He makes us laugh (or groan) with his corny jokes, he watches out for his Mom, he makes sure his little brother gets into school okay every morning.

He is seeking after God. And that, truly, is the most important thing, the thing that most warms my heart and makes me smile.

I love you very much, C. Happy 14th Birthday!


  1. Awww, I hope I can say all those things about Pojke in 8 years! Good job, MOM!

  2. Happy Birthday C!

  3. Happy birthday to C!

    A wise older mom told me years ago not to dread any stage of my children’s lives. even the “:terrible twos” or the teens, but to enjoy the best of each one. It’s hard to believe my youngest is now in his last stage of teen-ager-hood at 19, and it was fairly smooth sailing with all three of them. We had some disagreements and a few tense discussions, but all relationships have those.

    It was scary to me that, contrasted to when they were young and believed everything I said, as burgeoning adults they would take in what I said and think it over for themselves first, but that’s a necessary part of owning their beliefs.
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  4. I mostly enjoy my 15 year old son–except when he gets cocky and thinks he knows everything–annoying! This is a beautiful post.

  5. :D

    I really loved this post. Mostly because it fills me with courage and peace, so thank you for that! Sounds like you have an awesome young man on your hands.

    Happy Birthday to him!

  6. Good post. C. hasbeen special all his life. He loves the people around him and shows it. Respect is a big part of his personality. He has a great start on the remainder of his life. Thanks to you and his dad, he is well rounded in knowledge and his walk with God. Good teachers! And good examples!

  7. Beautiful post, and a very happy birthday to C!

  8. Happy Birthday C! So glad the first year wasn’t bad! There is hope :-)

  9. Yo C, … happy birthday.

  10. Happy Birthday C. It is a wonderful stage in their lives for both you and them. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  11. Happy Birthday, C!

    I totally agree with you. The process of taking on more responsibility and making wiser choices is amazing. And honesty, I am finding 14 (and the back side of 13) to be pretty good. I think early adolescence — 12ish — was tougher for us, and we’ve worked through it.
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