Spring Reading Thing 2012: Five Weeks In

So. I’ll update you a bit more about my arm tomorrow. Short version: I’m doing much better pain-wise, though there’s still much I can’t do, and typing hurts after a few minutes. Hence, the lack of blogging. Longer version/update to come!

But I had to check in today and ask how all of you are doing with your Spring Reading Thing 2012 goals. We’re a little more than a month into the challenge. How’s it going?

I have settled into a good reading routine, since I do a whole lot of sitting around these days. At this point, I’ve read all of the fiction books on my list, plus a couple more novels. I’m still working my way through the nonfictions, making decent progress, but I’ve definitely been in more of a fiction mood recently. I’ve also found that reading from my Kindle is much easier than reading traditional books, while I’m limited to one arm. So I’ve been taking advantage of the goodness that is my Kindle, plus checking out the ebooks available for download from our local library.

But enough about me. How is your spring reading going? Are you making progress toward your goals? Sticking to your list or changing things up a bit? Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Yay – glad your arm is doing a little better and not as much pain! I’ve completed 5 of the 10 books on my spring reading list. Good thing I made a short list.

  2. I’m glad your arm is doing better.
    So far, so good! Of the 8 books on my list I’ve read 4 and am reading the fifth. I’ve been able to stick to my list so far, but if I keep up with this rhythm, I’m gonna have to add books to it. Which is a good thing! :)

  3. My goal was 14 books and 2 audiobooks. I’ve completed 5 books and one audiobook, I’m almost done with the other audiobook, and am in the midst of 2 books. So I feel like I am doing pretty well except that a lot of what I have left is nonfiction, and that usually takes me longer to get through.

    Glad you’re having relief from the pain! I can see how a Kindle would work better when you only have one hand to work with.
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  4. I put 6 books on my list and i am reading number 4 but i have also read 1 extra :)

  5. I have 18 books on my list. So far I have had 3 dnf’s and have finished 8.

  6. My list has expanded to 18 books. I’m reading #10 on the list. The bad news is, most of the short/kids books have already been read, so it will be slower going from here on out.

  7. Glad your arm is feeling a bit better! I have nearly finished the 3rd book out of the 6 I’m challenging myself to read this Spring. Book #3 has been slow going but enjoyable and I anticipate finishing it by the end of the week.

  8. I’ve completed four of the books on my list and have read 8 others that were not on my list and need to be added. School has hindered me more than I wanted in my reading. Since state testing is over the reading should pick up.

  9. Oh da-dear-dear-dear-dear me! I’m cringing that we’re FIVE WEEKS IN ALREADY!!! (!?!)

    I’m afraid to even look at my list now, honestly. I’m not much in a reading mood these days. Can’t seem to make myself get into a book. =X

  10. Oh dear, I hope your arm mends quickly – at least you can keep reading books, right? I am half way through my list too – there’s a post on my blog today with a book review too. Thanks for this challenge – it’s working for me.

  11. 7 books completed, 3 books started, 11 books left…. so I think I’m on schedule… I think.

    So glad to hear your arm is feeling better! And that’s great you have a kindle to read! My iphone is great but small to read and the ipad is so heavy to hold for reading!


  12. I just jumped in last week, but I have finished the Mysterious Benedict Society trilogy. I have 15 other books on my list. I am in the midst of several other books so I think I’m off to a good start. This is great fun- thanks for doing it!

  13. Glad that your arm is felling much better. As for my reading, its not going that great; I haven’t been in the mood much for reading, but hopefully things will calm down a little bit and I will be able to read a little more than I have been.
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