A new chapter

So. We kinda did things backwards.

Back in October, we bought a house. Then we moved into it.

THEN we got our old house ready to sell. We listed it in January.

Amazingly, and thankfully, it sold in an incredible five days.

We closed on it this past Monday.


I admit that still owning that other house has kept me a bit distracted for the past few months. Though I wasn’t there every day, it was always on my mind. I stopped by regularly to check on things, do a quick vacuum, make sure everything was still humming along properly. And I thought quite a bit about how nice it would be when we finally sold it and didn’t have to think about it anymore.

So here we are; it’s sold.

And yes, it IS a relief. It’s good to be a one-house family again.

But I confess that Monday was a bit bittersweet.

Though we’d been living in our new house for several months, the old house was still there. It was still accessible, still ours. The swingset (enjoyed by many kids), the basement we finished, the rooms full of memories… were right there.

And though I know we take the memories with us, it was still just a teeny bit hard to slide the key and the garage door openers across the table to the new owners…to very firmly close the door on that chapter of our lives.


C.(13) and I had a little “camp out” at the old house two weekends ago. We packed our air beds and sleeping bags, a board game and our books, and headed to the old house for one last evening. We played a game and talked about some of our best times at the house. We got our beds ready, settled in with our books, and fell asleep.

It was a bit strange. The house — empty and yet full of strange echoes and creaks that we didn’t notice before — felt different. But we were both glad we took that little adventure. It provided some nice closure for the two of us, admittedly the more sentimental ones in the family.


This past Sunday, all four of us descended upon the old house for one last time. We removed paint cans, cleaning supplies, a few last tools. We swept out the garage, and checked the yard for random wind-blown garbage.

L.(5) played on the swings and marched around the backyard. C. took pictures from every angle imaginable.

It was good. We were preparing the house for its new owners and saying our goodbyes.

The new owners are very nice. They were so excited about closing on the house, making it their own. At the closing, they told us more than once how much they were looking forward to moving in, listed the various features that made them fall in love with the house. Assured us they would take good care of it.

It was exactly what I needed to hear.


As I read back over this blog post, I wondered if it comes across as a wee bit melodramatic. If it does, that’s okay. We enjoyed nearly seven wonderful years in our old house. And though we love our new house, and are excited to create new memories here, to enjoy the next chapter together as a family… I think it’s okay to be just a tiny bit sad as we turn the page.


See my Wordless Wednesday post for a related picture. And thanks for reading!



  1. I don’t think it’s at all melodramatic. When we moved out of our house a little more than 5 years ago, it was tough to see it emptied out, and think about all of the gatherings, dinners, home projects, and just plain love that went into that place. I think all of those feelings are what makes a simple house into a home. Cherish the memories, but I know you’ll make so many new ones as the new house becomes home. Home is where the heart is (as they say), I understand how your heart has to move forward but can’t help looking back.

  2. How sweet. : ) We still own our first home – it’s now a rental property – while living in our new house for almost a year. We still drive by and check on it occasionally and the girls ask to move back there fairly regularly. We still really miss our swingset there in the backyard! Grandpa and Grandma have toyed with the idea of moving there and renting from us and the girls are very hopeful that will happen so they can visit their grandparents and swingset at the same time. : )

  3. I think it’s awesome that you were able to say goodbye to the house in so many ways and to talk over your family’s happy memories of the house all together. That’s something that you’ll remember and it will be special.

    I also think it’s amazing that you sold your house in five days! THAT is a HUGE blessing!!

    Many more blessings on your family in your new home.

  4. I think this is a beautiful post! I love that you guys camped out one last night!

  5. We did a similar thing almost three years ago. It was all quite emotional, especially for my husband because he had lived in that other house for 25+ years. I’d only been there for 10 years. We, too, sold our old house in 5 days. It was such a relief when that happened.

    I hope it’s all smooth sailing from here on in. ;)

  6. As you know, we’ve moved a lot. This last one was the hardest (but has also been surprisingly easy). It was hard saying goodbye. We had a little pizza party that last night — invited over some friends to hang out amidst the boxes.

    One of my fondest memories is our first night in our new house. We camped out, and sort of looked around in wonder thinking, “this is ours?”
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