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L. (4) just finished up his preschool year. Though we had gone in with the class on a group gift for L.’s teacher, I still wanted to give her some kind of personal “thank-you gift” for the wonderful year L. had.

But L.’s teacher had told us at the beginning of the year that she doesn’t collect anything and that while she appreciates parents’ thoughtfulness, there was really no need to buy her any knick-knacks during the course of the year. So I had to come up with something more creative…

However, creativity is not my strong suit.

Then one night, a very simple gift idea came to me. It’s not an earth-shattering idea, or even a terribly unique one. But it fit the bill of being personal, expressing thanks, and being specific to L.

I wrote a “fill-in-the-blanks” card for L. to personalize with memories and some of his favorite preschool activities. I placed it on the inside of a simple card (8.5 x 11 cardstock, half-fold). On the facing inside page, I taped a picture of L. and his teacher (which I had very sneakily taken at an earlier preschool function, pretending it was just for me), and a Starbucks gift card.  We just put “Thanks for Everything” on the outside cover, but I thought later that I could have had L. also draw a picture on the front — one more way to personalize the card.

Here’s a general idea of what the inside of the card looked like before L. filled in the blanks. (You’ll have to use your imagination a bit.) Click to enlarge.

Because L. is only four, he only wrote in a few of the blanks; he dictated other answers for me to write in. I resisted my bossy motherly urge to influence his answers and just let him fill in the blanks honestly and spontaneously. He also signed “Love, L.” at the bottom of the card. It was neat to see what he had enjoyed most about the year, and his teacher appreciated the authenticity of his answers. All in all, it seemed to go over very well.

As I wrote this post, I (of course) thought of ways the card could have been more creative — I could have had L. illustrate some of the sentences, or I could have added cute clipart or doodles to spruce things up a bit. But this was all in hindsight, naturally. At the moment, what you see above was as far as my creativity took me. But perhaps you can take advantage of my very delayed additional creative ideas.

If you’re interested, I’ve created a pdf file of the card for you to download and use as desired. I also put just the “fill-in-the-blanks” part into a Word document in case you want to use it as a starting point, but modify it to better fit your child or situation.

Download the pdf here.
Download the Word document here.

It worked for me!


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  1. Love that! Thanks for sharing. stopping over from wwfmw

  2. That’s really great. I think it would work well for older teachers as well. Imagine a 6th grade teacher receiving a note from a kid telling her that she really enjoyed the cool Space projects or whatever!
    Jennifer, Snapshot´s last post ..The Mom MagnetMy Profile

  3. I think that’s fantastic. We always give gift certificates to our local coffee shop in our rinky dink town. Since my kids were really little we don’t do knickknacks. =) Those poor teachers getting everything teacher and apple related!

  4. That’s a neat idea, and I am sure much more appreciated than yet another teachery knickknack or mug. I cam even see it expanded into sort of a mini-scrapbook from an older child.
    Barbara H.´s last post ..Book Review- WordsMy Profile

  5. I haven’t “stopped over” for awhile, but I’m sure glad I did today. This comes at the perfect time. I am always scratching my head over what to get the teachers. Thanks for the pdf file and for sharing freely. You ARE creative. It shows in the way you mother your children and of course with your words that are such a blessing to many. Hope you have a great day! Thanks again!

  6. That’s great! Personal and useful. I loved getting both when I was teaching (and no more apple coffee mugs or desk knick-knacks, thank-you). Some schools have rules about gifts teachers can accept, but usually heads are turned the other way at the end of the year – just something people might want to check on, though.

  7. Much more meaningful than the Staples gift card I used to give! :)
    Lisa writes…´s last post ..Itll keepMy Profile

  8. Kristen says:

    What a great idea – I love it! And thank you for sharing the printable – I will be using it!


    (found you through WFMW)

  9. Completely borrowing this idea! Just in time..because I have lost all creativity and am emotionally drained. Now I just have to get him to finish it without me having my 80th breakdown of the day!

  10. I thought of making something like this as I was drifting off to sleep last night. I was trying to think of some cute fill-in-the-blank sentences and decided to google it this morning. I ended up here :) Thanks for the great ideas. Congrats to your little “L”.


  11. Thanks so much for the teacher fill in the blank…it was just what I was looking for. :)


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