I was in the local Hallmark card store not very long ago, and as I perused the cards, I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation between two people nearby.

Person #1 was a guy who looked tough and talked tough. I would guess he was in his mid-40s and his long hair hung in a ponytail down his back. Person #2 was a woman, similar in age, but quiet. She barely said a word. But she didn’t have to; the guy kept up a running commentary as they both looked at Mother’s Day Cards.

And his commentary made me sad. It went something like this:

“Aw, I don’t know. I can’t get any of those mushy cards for my mom, ’cause I don’t feel any of that mushy stuff for her, you know? That’s just not…just not the way things are between us.  Ha! — Look at this one. ‘World’s best mom.’ Well…I definitely can’t get her that one. No way is she the world’s best mom. Nope, forget that. [pause] Another mushy one. Nope. Why don’t they make cards for people like me? Cards that say something, but that don’t say how your mom is so great. I need something like that.”

And then, in a quieter voice,

“But you know, she did do that thing when we were in Texas. That was nice of her. Maybe I could find a card that kind of thanked her for that, but didn’t make a big deal about all the other stuff moms are supposed to do.”

His friend quietly told him that he could always write a note in whatever card he picked, thanking his mom for whatever happened in Texas. But he said,

“Oh, I don’t know. I just wish there was a card that fit.”


Perhaps they eventually found a card, because after a while, I noticed that they were gone. But I thought about him for a long time afterward. Clearly, there was pain and distance between this man and his mom. He felt let down, maybe hurt by his mother. Yet there he was, looking for a card for her, and grateful for a mysterious Texas incident. I hope that he finds a way to thank her, and I hope that their relationship can be reconciled one day.


In the meantime, that little overheard conversation reminded me how blessed I am to have a wonderful Mom.

My mom is loyal, hard-working, and loving.

She is definitely the glue in our family.

She is a terrific grandmother, and is always willing to babysit for us or help in any way we need.

She loves my husband and takes great pleasure in choosing food items that she knows he’ll love for all family gatherings.

My mom is generous and helpful.

She’s diligent in keeping her home and diligent with her finances — a great example to me.

In short, I have a pretty incredible mom and just wanted to take the opportunity — a few days before Mother’s Day — to say so.

Love you, Mom!

Mom, L.(4), and me during a recent outing.



  1. That is really sad. I have a daughter who I’m going to be lucky if she even acknowledges me. You can raise all of your kids to the best of your abilities and have one who doesn’t appreciate any of it or just has a different view of everything than the rest of the family. Its hard for everyone.

  2. Very very sad! Glad you have a wonderful mother you can celebrate.. I just spend a good part of this morning picking out the perfect little gift to show my mom that I love and appreciate her.. then I dropped hints to Sammy on what his mother would like ;-) hehe

  3. Great post! I love your “I overhead people” kind of posts (I still think about the funny Atlantis one in the bookstore).

    I also love hearing your thanks for your mom!

    Sadly, my sister said to me one time that she feels sort of the same way about MD cards, and I had to agree. My mom is supportive and encouraging, but most of the cards out there go a bit further than reality unfortunately.
    Jennifer, Snapshot´s last post ..Sticking with ItMy Profile

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Katrina,

    Thanks! ! That really blind-sided me.
    I love being your mother and wish I could see all of you every day.
    I don’t have the ability you got from your Dad to express myself, but I want you to know I have a wonderful daughter.
    She is a great mother and accomplished homemaker.
    She has a great husband who loves her, and wonderful children who love her.
    Now that all the MUSH is over, “Thanks from the bottom of my heart”

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