Somehow, my firstborn son is in sixth grade. It doesn’t make any sense, really, because I’m pretty sure it was just a few weeks ago that he was trotting off to Kindergarten.

Six years? It’s been that long?

He’s traded in his crayons for pens (erasable, for school), his backpack for the now-popular messenger bag, coloring pages for loose-leaf paper and countless notebooks. He has a locker, changes rooms for different classes (remember the excitement of changing rooms?), and owns a scientific calculator.

We’ve noticed that he spends more time adjusting the direction of his hair in the morning, and that he’s carrying breath mints to school with him. (Uh-oh. Is this cause for concern?)

Sixth grade officially started last Wednesday.

I rush outside with him to take the annual quick-before-the-bus-comes photo. Coaxing a smile is getting more difficult. He’s ready to go; who has time to pose for mom?

That afternoon, when asked about his first impressions of sixth grade, he diplomatically tells me, “Well…it’s not as bad and I thought it would be. But it’s not as good as I hoped it would be.” Which I think is code for, “Meh…it’s school.”

Though he keeps getting older, there are things that remain the same. He’s creative. He loves books. He’s loyal and stubborn and full of opinions. He analyzes everything and memorizes like a champ.

Those things were true six years ago and they’re true today.

Oh, and another thing. We love him with everything we’ve got. That’ll never change.


  1. I tried the messenger bag, but prefer a good backpack. The years always get better, C, even if just in retrospect.

  2. We are living parallel lives. Amanda doesn’t carry mints, but she asked me to buy her mouthwash a few weeks ago. And we also have a messenger bag this year. I hope it works out. We got one last year (or maybe 2 years ago?), but it was way too small. Our new one looks similar to yours, so I hope it works out.
    Jennifer, Snapshot´s last post ..I Almost Climbed Mount MonadnockMy Profile

  3. What a sweet post!

    My youngest is in 6th grade this year. It really is an exciting year!
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  4. Brianna has the messenger bag, too! I am a little worried about the breath mints, though… haha! Just kidding! I am sure you are tempted to take hold of that scientific calculator and play with it. :) You guys are doing a great job of raising a fine young man. K

  5. My eldest got married last week and when I looked at her walking up the aisle I thought where did it go!

  6. Isn’t it absolutely CRAZY how time fast flies with kids?! My oldest is in Grade 7 this year ((two years from high school — ACK!!!!)), and my baby started into Grade 5! Where-oh-where did the days go when they were just babies?

    Another big change for us, this year, is not being allowed to ride the bus any more (the school board has decided that a bunch of kids live close enough that they can walk instead of ride, now — unfortunately, they’re not thinking so smart, ’cause some of those kids are only in Senior Kindergarten, and their parents aren’t able to walk them! Grrr….). My kids have always taken the bus, so this is foreign to us — to have to walk to school. And, I’m not loving that they have to walk 4-5 blocks all by themselves now — sure, they’re old enough, but they’ve never walked that far without Mama before, so Mama’s kinda freakin’! LOL

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