A week of unexpected events

Let’s see…

Monday, the gas company’s meter-reader discovered a leak in our gas line that had to be repaired immediately. (It was.)

Tuesday, I discovered that someone had “borrowed” our credit card number, and I had to spend hours calling multiple companies to dispute claims, request refunds, and attempt to reclaim several hundred dollars in unauthorized charges. (I think I was successful.)

Wednesday, L. came down with a mystery illness, primarily involving a high fever, that continued through Thursday. (We’ve spent the better part of two days cuddling on a comfy chair together.)

I’m hoping our weekend is a bit more calm and predictable.

In other news, we conducted a taste-testing in our house tonight…involving the Bacon Bar. Watch for an exciting review post, including fascinating video and an in-depth (or not-so-in-depth) discussion on the combination of bacon and chocolate. I’m sure it will be riveting.

I hope your week has been less “eventful” than ours. Unless, of course, you thrive on excitement. In which case, I’m going to call you next time things start going haywire around here, okay?


  1. That seems to be going around a lot lately. We’ve had a rash of that at our bank too and fortunately haven’t had to deal with it yet. I’m sorry!!

  2. What a crummy week. I hope things get better.

  3. yuck!!
    hope you have a relaxing weekend – you earned it!

  4. So sorry to hear about the beginning of your week. I hope all things are mended soon, including the credit stuff. I’m anxiously awaiting the bacon bar review.

  5. Bacon bar . . . sounds interesting. Praying that your weekend lightens up as well as warms up. Hope L is feeling better today too.

  6. Good grief, what a week! I hope it gets a ton better soon, and everyone stays healthy! Hang in there :)

  7. So, seriously — I don’t know how I miss these posts! I guess I checked early yesterday and I know I didn’t check blogs today, but then I did, and not one but TWO posts.

  8. Sounds like the last month for The Gang! Thankfully, this week was blissfully normal. Now if I can just get the kids back onto their routines and on track. All those pesky irritating interruptions for so many weeks in row makes for some slack in the schedules!

    Have a happy weekend :)

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