WFMW: Trimming Candle Wicks in Jar Candles

If you are a fan of jar candles, as I am, you’ve probably heard that you should keep your wicks trimmed to around 1/4″ in order to keep your candle from smoking and producing soot, and to keep it burning evenly. Now, the rest of the world probably discovered this trick long before I did, but just in case…

For years, I would faithfully get out my little scissors and trim the wicks. As the candle burned down farther and farther, it became harder and harder to maneuver my scissors down inside the jar and position them so that I could trim the wicks.

Finally I figured it out. Now I use nail clippers to trim the wicks. They slip right down inside any jar candle and clip off the wicks cleanly and neatly. Ta-da! Longer-lasting and cleaner-burning candles.

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  1. You’re smart! I actually have one candle that I’ve been burning recently, and I practically stripped the wick trying to trim it, so this is useful for me.

  2. HappyGoMommy says:

    Hey – you must have seen me bend & twist my hand to get inside of my jars! Thanks for the sneaky idea! :)

  3. What a clever idea, Katrina. I never would have thought of this.

  4. That’s such a great idea! I’m going to do that myself now :))

  5. Lauren S. says:

    Great idea! Thanks for the tip!

  6. EverydayMommy says:

    Dang you’re clever! Never would have thought of that.

  7. hahaha! I’m glad I’m not the only one who tries to stick their hands down in the jars.

    this is a great idea!


  8. Yikes, I would have never thought of this. Great idea!

  9. angeleyes Blue says:

    Candle Wicks UNITE–We are now organized :) YOU gotta go. Great idea! :)

  10. Kathleen Marie says:

    This is an excellent idea! Wonderful!

  11. Overwhelmed! says:

    Katrina, I kid you not; just yesterday I was struggling to trim my candle wick down with a pair of large scissors! I was getting wax all over the scissors, all over me, and in the end I botched the job! I am so trying your nail clipper suggestion next time!

    Thanks for sharing. :) And thanks for taking the time to stop by and check out my WFMW calendar labels post. I do appreciate it!

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    What a great tip! I was just trimming candle wicks this week and would not have thought of using clippers!

  13. Well, that’s awfully handy advice. Thanks!

  14. First of all the picture of L. is adorable. That is a very clever trick. The other day I broke off the wick with my fingers and proceeded to get soot marks all over the counter (which – by the way – are incredibly difficult to get off).

  15. What a great idea!!

  16. You are so smart. Sometimes I feel like such a ding-dong when I read things as simple as your idea and never thought of it myself. I burn jar candles all the time and will use your idea over and over!

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